Our Vision

Keeping Interest in Growth.


Keeping Interest is a website dedicated to providing weekly posts about personal and financial development. The Posts will describe some of the methods used by some of the top entrepreneurial and financial minds in history, as well as the focus required for them to become "overnight Successess". As a writer and someone who is also in pursuit of personal and financial growth, I will also document my journey as I implement some of these methods in the modern era.  

This platform will enable readers to 

learn vicariously through the actions of a peer, as well as give them a safe venue to discuss ideas for self-improvement. In this effort I hope to improve thequality of life for those who are willing to put in the work. 

At Keeping Interest I believe that growth is a vital source of happiness and of life. I believe that as a being on earth it is wise for us to heed attention to the laws of nature. With that I feel it is natural for us to physically and mentally decay (quicker) when we cease to seek growth. 

Justin DeArmond
Creator, Writer