The Locust

As you may recall in my Self-Sustaining post, I created a hydroponic garden on my balcony a while back. It has done remarkably. Its very uplifting to look out and see lush greenery out my window, yet to mention more lettuce than I can eat. 

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Ever since I can recall I have been a fan of the idea of self-sustaining. Whether it be the entrepreneurial bug in me or fact that I am a millennial from California, the idea of being able to create something that will free me from future “wants” has consumed me. 

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Ponzi Scheme

A Ponzi scheme is a form of investment fraud in which the facilitator promises extremely high returns with minimal risk. The schemer then focuses on taking on a new group of investors at which time he uses their money to pay back the initial investors, quite similar to a pyramid scheme. One key difference is that those who are in a pyramid scheme typically know they are in one, whereas a Ponzi investor is completely oblivious. 

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