The Locust

As you may recall in my Self-Sustaining post, I created a hydroponic garden on my balcony a while back. It has done remarkably. Its very uplifting to look out and see lush greenery out my window, yet to mention more lettuce than I can eat. 

However, a few weeks ago I noticed 3 new visitors in my garden. Like the locust descending from the heavens, three baby caterpillars had come to display the power and agenda of nature. 

Although on that first day I could have very easily had tossed them to the side, I decided to let nature take its course. Not that I WANTED my crops to die, but was more-so curious of the force nature that could be. Not two days prior I felt like I had a never ending, easily sustainable food supply. Me=1, Nature=0. Yet, I was welcomed with this reality that even THAT could be derailed. Had I had been on vacation, I would’ve never had seen the little critters at all. Therefore, I decided to play it out as if I WERE on vacation and watch the damage unfold. 

Within THREE days time the trio of caterpillars had consumed every single leaf and now were no where to be found. Leaving nothing behind but dead branches and their waste. 

I found this to be an important lesson because it showed that even the things in my life that I feel are “self-sustaining” still demand my attention if I actually care about them. If I’m not diligent, one day nature will take its course and I will be left with shit. 


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